Niners Results

  The results of the Niners basketball program speak for themselves.  Nearly all of the players who have been a part of the “Skills plus Experience” philosophy have seen immediate improvement in their team and individual basketball skills.  Like most challenges in life, success does not happen overnight, but players who put in the time to work earnestly and learn what the Niners program teaches, will see vast improvement within the first year.  Nearly every player sees an immediate jump in rank within his or her own school team.  When this process is repeated, the leaps in improvement begin to add up and even multiply.  The Niners acknowledge that in today’s world, our young players need to put a tremendous amount of time and effort in to achieve any level of success in basketball.  The Niners were founded to give these players the opportunity to put in the extra effort needed to reach their goals.

 At what age should a player start?  It is never too late to begin to improve at anything, and basketball is no different.  The sooner a player starts with a quality off-season program like the Niners, the sooner they will experience results.  For the 2014-15 basketball season, no fewer than five players who were part of the Niners program as 7th graders became varsity starters as freshmen, and another is a key player and leading contributor on his ranked team as the sixth man. 

 For the players who participated through high school, the results get even better.  Three former Niners players who graduated in 2014, Jake Anderson, Jalen Hurley, and Nathan Wedel worked hard enough to become starters as freshmen on their college teams, with twelve other Niner players receiving scholarship offers.  Wedel, from James Valley Christian High School, garnered many other post season awards as well, including South Dakota class “B” player of the year.  Wedel was selected as a first team all-state selection in 2014, as were Niner players Bo Fries from Langford High School, Tyson Jenkins from Clark-Willow Lake High School, Blake Bartscher from Ethan High School, and Justin Decker from Huron High School.  It should be noted that both Fries and Jenkins started with the Niners program as freshmen and became first team all-state players by their junior seasons.  Decker received several college offers from DI and DII colleges and opted to take his talents to Northern State University in Aberdeen.  Other Niners players who became all state players in 2014 were Jake Anderson of Parker High School, Deric Denning of Mt. Vernon/Plankinton High School, and Heath Schindler of Elkton High School, who were honored as second and third team all-state selections.  2015 grads Fries and JJ Halligan (Faith High School) have already been signed to play college basketball next season.

 Kaitlyn Hadley of Brookings High School and Mikayla Prouty of Clark-Willow Lake High School have already excelled in our young Lady Niners program, with several of our other players getting looks from area colleges.  We expect the same level of success with our girls program to continue to grow.

 Nearly all the above mentioned players have been featured on the cover of the leading basketball publication in South Dakota, the Hansen-Anderson Prep Basketball Preview, as well as feature articles.

 While there are many lower grade programs in South Dakota, and several programs who feature senior high players, the Niners program is the only basketball training program who over the last decade has trained competitive basketball teams from the 7th through 12th grades, and the results speak volumes.

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